Niantic’s Developers Seek to Improve Pokémon Go by Adding Top Features of Ingress

Niantic – the US software developer – is a popular name both at home and abroad these days due to the growing traction of its Pokémon Go among gamers. However, there was a time in the past, when it was solely occupied with the development of Ingress, the game which was built on the company’s indigenous augmented reality.

Following the launch of Ingress Prime, the rework of the original game based on the inspiration from Pokémon Go, the team of developers from the company are seeking ways to add certain advanced features of this game to Pokémon Go.

Among other features, the one which is on the spotlight is the new prestige system. This system allows the capped players in Ingress Prime to go back to level one and get certain unique advantages at the level. Also, they get the option to display their prestige status to the other participants in the game.

On the other hand, those who have been playing Pokemon Go, have not experienced the feature yet. While it may not be currently available to the Go players despite hitting a cap, experts keep their fingers crossed, hoping for the best.

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