Rahul Gandhi calls Demonetization a “Monumental blunder”, Modi Retaliates

Rahul Gandhi’s statement over the cause and effects of the demonetization led o Modi targeting the mother-son duo and their take on the Government’s honesty and work. Modi said that since Rahul and Sonia Gandhi are chiefly out on a bail, they should not dare to question someone else’s honesty.

In an election rally in Chattisgarh, Modi further commented, “The mother-son duo who are out on bail are giving me a certificate and asking from me the benefits of demonetization… Those who are out on bail are distributing certificates of honesty… They forget that it was due demonetization that they had to seek bail”.

The Congress has stated that the national economy is widely and miserably suffering from the Government’s decision of employing demonetization. They have called it to a “scam to convert black money to white”.

The note ban had received a mixed reaction since its implementation; as on one hand, Former Prime Minister and Economist, Manmohan Singh has identified that the scars of note ban is getting more and more visible with each passing days; on the other hand, Arun Jaitley, called it a “key step in a chain of important decisions taken by the government to formalize the economy”.

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