Supreme Court Handed Probe Report On Exiled CBI Chief Alok Verma, With An Apology

The central vigilance commission or CVC said they had completed the inquiry report on Saturday but were not able to submit it on time.

The central vigilance commission had submitted an inquiry report into corruption allegation against exiled CBI chief Alok Verma in a sealed cover to the Supreme Court today . The CVC had to apologize to the supreme court for being a day late in submitting the document.

The Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said the case will be taken up on Friday and also rebuked the vigilance body for submitting the inquiry report a day late on Saturday even though the court was kept open on Sunday.

The judges said they had kept the registry open even on Sunday but nobody appeared nor the vigilance body tried to inform the bench.

The top anti corruption body , the central vigilance commission was represented by Tushar Mehta who tried to persuade the judges by giving their reason for being turning late. He said that they had completed the report on Saturday but got delayed by an hour as they were preparing copies and spiral binding, and in that process they were not able to submit it on time. “We reached the court one hour late but the registry was open only up to 11:30 pm”, said Tushar Mehta.

Later in the day Lawyer Prashant Bhushan commented in a tweet that government can work midnight to remove CBI chief and install their man but can’t file a report on Sunday.

Another report was submitted by the central vigilance commission on the decisions which were taken by M Nageswar Rao, the officer who took over as interim chief after Alok Verma was sent on forced leave last month in a dramatic post-midnight govt move.

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