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Arbaaz Khan’s Wife Shura Instagram Hacked

Arbaaz Khan’s wife, Shura Khan, faced an Instagram account hack last week, which she promptly addressed via an Instagram story. Expressing her frustration, she thanked the Facebook and Instagram teams, along with her friend Shelly Bhutra, for their assistance in resolving the issue. Shura Instagram Hacked Last Week “Hello everyone. Last week my Instagram account […]

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Aditya Narayan Controversy, Know What He Said About The Incident

Singer Aditya Narayan recently faced public criticism following an incident where he allegedly roughed up a spectator at a live concert. The concert took place on Sunday, February 11, at a college in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Three days after the incident, Narayan responded, stating that he is accountable to the ‘almighty’. In response to inquiries about […]